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Book Review: Pivots for Career Success by R. Gopalakrishnan & R. Srinivasan

Pivots for Career Success
Author (s): R. Gopalakrishnan & R. Srinivasan
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 4/5

Success is not only determined by the qualities that you possess but it is also about how you perceive others in a new surrounding. Pivots for Career Success highlights the importance of managing yourself around people, negotiating the interactions you have and demonstrating a confident outlook when you speak. The book lays emphasis on people relations that forms the scaffold for efficient management.

Collating the experiences of two experienced corporates, Pivots for Career Success manages to lay out the tips that will help any individual conquer his/her career and bask in the glory of success. Beginning from understanding self, doing what one loves, paying attention to health and hygiene, cultivating gratitude and learning ways to manage stress, the authors draw out the importance of prioritizing self and then giving importance to others. They highlight the importance of effective communication and rapport building in order to enhance public relations. The last section of the book deals with the understanding of context (with respect to the career path and career choices). Whether it is the change in approach or the difficulty in working together, a leap of faith and a persistent approach would take you a long way!

Pivots for Career Success is interesting as it uses examples of several blue-chip companies. It is pragmatic and offers simple solutions that are still quite difficult to implement. It’s a good bet!

Best wishes to the authors!

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