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Book Review: Grief Growth Grace by Neena Verma

Grief Growth Grace
Neena Verma
Rupa Publication
Rating: 5/

This is one of the most relevant books in these trying times when grief refuses to leave your heart and pain plays the best host. Grief Growth Grace is truly a pilgrimage throughout which the readers will have a chance to understand what pain and grief are. The author’s tone is empathetic and that is the USP of this book, for she allows time and space for the readers to recollect, relive, resent, reflect and finally, retrospect.

Laden with heart-wrenching personal anecdotes, Grief Growth Grace takes you through the process of being ALIVE. This is not a mere noun anymore, for the acronym stands for much more. The author explains how important it is to accept the reality, give grief adequate space in your heart and life because it is inevitable. The more you try to escape or push it aside, the more it will cause you pain and trauma. It is equally important to keep faith during this time- faith in self, faith in fate and faith in the process of healing. The author, from her experience, explains how important it is to forgive as forgiveness forms the preliminary step to grace and well-being. Here, I differ in opinion. Forgiveness might not be everyone’s cup of tea; some people find peace in not forgetting and not forgiving. I am one of them! Yet this book doesn’t ask you to form opinions or argue the toss. It is like therapy. You read, you relate and you realize.

I liked the flow of Grief Growth Grace so much that I couldn’t really keep it aside. Somehow, the author knows how to strike the right chord with the readers. Since all of us have known grief in some form or another, our stories will help us traverse through the vast expanse of knowledge and guidance that this book provides.

Highly recommended book!

Best wishes to the author!

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