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#Review: Playthings by Neil D’Silva

Author: Neil D'Silva
Publisher: Penguinsters

I believe in ghosts. Very much. With that being said, I know how hard it is for a faint-hearted person like me to watch horror shows. But reading horror has been a good experience so far. Probably because of that ounce of predictability that prepares you for those jumpscares!

Consequently, when I started reading Playthings, I expected the reading experience to be mellow. 

Unfortunately, the author didn’t want me to bite the cake, after all, for his writing style, like how it had scared and impacted me during the times of Yakshini, and deliberately made me question my choice of toys for my daughter. Impeccable choice of diction, robust and petrifying scenarios that foray into your comfortable state of mind and a potpourri of drama brandishing teenage desire to outshine in everything play a significant role in this story. 

The writing is on-point. The plot is straightforward yet the grand reveal in the end just proves that the mind always has the last laugh. But all said and done, Playthings is cruel. Or rather Playthings are cruel, quite literally. Jokko or the slimy caterpillar- their viciousness is nerve-racking. However, the display of courage by the four friends who think of themselves as stalwarts is pleasant to read in spite of them being unreasonable most of the time. The story is simple. Things go topsy-turvy when old toys start coming out alive and haunt their owners in the most violent ways. Subsequently, a group of teenagers decide to tackle the matter. But would you expect these innocent beings to win a battle against the devil? I didn’t. But I am convinced by the ending. 

So, read this hair-raising horror story. It will blow away the cobwebs of mundane reality!

Best wishes to the author!

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