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#Review: The Magic of the Lost Story by Sudha Murthy

The Magic of the Lost Story
Author: Sudha Murthy
Publisher: Penguinsters

Yet again Sudha Murthy is back with another adventure-packed tale that brandishes human curiosity and eagerness to learn through Nooni, the young protagonist. When Nooni visits her grandparents’ house to spend her winter vacations, she is perturbed by the fact that no one that she knows knows the reason behind following a customary ritual/tradition. That ignites a spark in her mind and her heart jumps on the bandwagon to explore her surroundings, interact with people and get to the bottom of this hidden story.

What lie in store for the readers are visually appealing descriptions of the luscious fields of South India, the lavish and rooted cultural practices and a story that might take the readers by surprise owing to its genuity and relatability. I cannot deny that Sudha Murthy’s style of writing is delicious yet it just doesn’t fit right for my palette. However, the mystery that unfolds, exposing Nooni’s innate audacity and zest to question and seek answers, is going to inspire and influence young readers for sure.

Hence, this book is a good bet!

Best wishes to the author!

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