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#Review: Private Label by Kelly Yang

Private Label
Author: Kelly Yang
Publisher: Harper Collins (Children’s Fiction)

Teenage love stories are not always intriguing because most of them are predictable. Somehow, Private Label, in spite of being quite predictable, kept me hooked till the very end. I give the credit to its taut narrative and fast-paced flow of the story. Private Label is about Serene who aspires to start a fashion brand of her own. Luckily for her, she has a chance to learn from her mother who already has enough experience in the same field. But like they say when you already have something, you value it less, Serene, too, eagerly waits for the doorway of opportunity to begin her very own business in the near future. Things go out of hand when her mother’s illness takes a toll on Serene’s mental, emotional and psychological well-being. On one hand, she battles between the choice of leaving behind her past and coming to grips with the present. As she ventures into the dangerous territories that have secrets about her father and his own reasons for staying out of touch, she gets sucked into the limbo even more. Enters Lian Chen in her life. He is a recluse, for he is not able to get along with the people of the town. Serene and Lian become good acquaintances and then decide to take their relationship even further only to discover that the road is loaded with heartache and unprecedented outcomes.

Private Label is all about overwhelming emotions that have the power to drain your capacity to think straight when all the odds are in your favour. It’s true that sometimes destiny rolls the dice in such a way, only problems lay on the cards. But Serene is an exemplar of courage. She believes in making a mistake rather than sitting mum. The character development is strong and the storyline is pretty simple. It’s absorbing for the likes of me yet the cliched ending was what I would have changed if it was in my hand. Nevertheless, Private Label is an interesting story.

Best wishes to the author!

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