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#Review: In Search of a River by Saroj Mukherjee

In Search of a River
Author: Saroj Mukherjee
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Yet another thrilling story that’s been published by Rupa Publications is In Search of a River. This story traces the journey of Hanumant and Bharat who embark on a quest to find hidden secrets that lay behind the walls of the caves within the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. Bharat is innocent and naive but Hanumant demonstrates audacity that comes along with a jovial spirit and an inquisitive mind. While Bharat and Hanumanth enjoy their adventure, the readers get a chance to experience the beauty of Chitrakoot through alluring descriptions.

In Search of a River is a lot more than just searching for a hidden river. It is a journey into the wilderness of the country. It’s a journey that explores various cultures and their sacred beliefs. The two young boys are an exemplar of honest and loyal friends who stand with each other through the thick and thin. Overall, In Search of a River should be read by children and adults alike because seldom does one come across a story that promises emotions of happiness and personal accomplishment together.

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