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#ReviewShorts: Why is My Hair Curly? by Lakshmi Iyer

Why is My Hair Curly?
Author: Lakshmi Iyer
Publisher: Red Panda
Rating: 3.5/5

‘Why is My Hair Curly?’ is a quirky read that highlights the emotional and hormonal changes that teenagers undergo. This is the story of Avantika who is an adorable child. She is lovable and intelligent. Yet when it comes to her curly hair, she doesn’t know how to tame the curls. Like any other girl of her age, she wishes for straighter her, something more manageable. As life progresses, her encounters with bullies and some strangers help her understand the value of accepting herself. The story is enjoyable because of the agreeable language and pleasing characters. Even though Avantika is adopted, her maturity is evident when she accepts that her foster parents care for her more than her biological mother would have. Touching upon several themes like accepting oneself and taking a stand for one’s uniqueness, adoption, family dynamics and finding comfort in a stranger’s words, this story is relevant. It does provide some genuine moments of laughter too.

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