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Book Review: Cupid is an Accountant by Shreyas Joshi

Cupid is an Accountant
Author: Shreyas Joshi
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 2.5/5

Love stories have become so common that it becomes difficult to choose the ones that have a different storyline or are the ones that do not succumb to a cliched happy ending. Cupid is an Accountant is a short story (mere 29 pages long) that revolves around James and his love interest. Incapable of mustering enough courage to express his feelings towards the lady he loves, James, along with his friend, Anthony, reels under the pressure of inhibited expression.

Narrated with crisp dialogues, the plot is simple and straightforward yet the grammatical errors like incorrect usage of contractions like ‘tis and wrongly used question tags irked me a bit. The story is predictable and the ending, even though unanticipated, falls flat and is lacklustre. I wished for deeper characterization and more emphasis on the unsaid chemistry between the main characters. The half-baked plot fails to pass the muster for sure. Sadly, the story is too short to be enjoyed.

Overall, Cupid is an Accountant is a quick read. It didn’t take me more than 15 minutes to finish this book. The title is befuddling too. If cupid were to be assumed to play the role of an accountant, managing the love lives of plenty, even then the characters do not justify the title’s suitability!

Best wishes to the author!

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