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Book Review: Sanjay Dutt: One Man, Many Lives by Ram Kamal Mukherjee

Sanjay Dutt: One Man, Many Lives
Author: Ram Kamal Mukherjee
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

Erratic yet dapper, Sanjay Dutt is one man whose life has always invited controversies but it is surprising how the actor doesn’t give a darn about what the people think. When I think of Sanjay Dutt, the first image that comes to my mind is that of Munnabhai- Aye Circuit, ek dead body chahiye (Circuit, I want one dead body). How ironical it is that the person who played the role of an amiable goon-doctor in the reel life, is actually known to be a short-tempered goon in real life!

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Often a lot has been said and heard about Dutt but whatever we get to know is the half-baked truth. Yet again, another biographical account on Dutt’s life has caught the attention of the readers. “Sanjay Dutt: One Man, Many Lives” explores the plethora of conflicts that the protagonist was a part of.

Ranging from his love affairs to his connection with the underworld, this book offers a different perspective into Dutt’s life. Objective yet seemingly honest, this narrative is a documentation of events that shaped the life of this megastar. Whether it was his affair with Madhuri or the reason why Madhuri decided to give way to romance even when she knew about Dutt’s involvements, whether it was the love for guns or his labored relationship with his father- all episodes have a back story and an eccentric Dutt involved in them.

Powerful, audacious and interesting- this book succeeds in holding the reader’s attention. One thing that I have realized after reading this book is that it is true- Sanjay Dutt’s life cannot be treasured in a few pages. His life has to be lived. And no one can do it better than him. Unlike the biopic that reflected only on the positive side of Dutt, this book has many palpable events like his inclination towards making friends who catered to his needs, his playboy image being the reason behind the heartbreak for many, his inability to get over his mother’s death and his mystifying relationship with Kumar Gaurav.

Though the book presents everything with a bird’s eye view, all the information still sounds familiar. Even the pictures are not new or unseen. Nevertheless, simple and lucid language makes this book a breezy read.

Overall, this book can be picked by Dutt’s followers who wish to know more about his personal life that is always a topic of public discussion.

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Best wishes to the author!

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