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Book Review: Life is a Treasure Hunt by Priti

Life is a Treasure Hunt
Author: Priti
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Rating: 3/5

Using metaphor in the title itself, ‘Life is a Treasure Hunt’ explores the plethora of options that can help each one of us retrieve the treasure of good health and comfortable life. If we try reading between the lines, it won’t take much time to realize that life is, indeed, a treasure hunt. In other words, life is about finding a healthier way of living and being stressfree and happy.

In this book, the author discusses the ways that can help hone our living style. Right from the benefits of yoga and meditation to the impact of karma and the understanding of instincts- this book summarizes all the aspects of life. Be it toxic relationships, wrong actions or odd timing- the hacks are plenty. Written in a very simple language, this book is like a self-help book. However, the brevity of the content didn’t quite seem convincing. I have read many other books on the same theme and I felt that their content was more substantial. On a second note, the cover, too, is quite misleading.

I also could spot errors in the editing. Overall, this book is best suited for the ones who run short on time and want a handy book that gives them pointers to think about.

Best wishes to the author!

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