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Book Review: Tales from the Himalayas by Priyanka Pradhan

Tales from the Himalayas
Author: Priyanka Pradhan
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 5/5

It is once in a blue moon that a book touches my heart so profoundly that I end up giving all my love to the author in form of 5 stars. Tales from the Himalayas is one such book. A compilation of 17 short stories that elicit different emotions as and when you read them right from love, hope, anxiety, curiosity to anger, care, compassion and nostalgia, this book is definitely a recommended one.

While all the stories depict a different theme like that of acceptance, living in the moment, the bravado of the children, compassion for nature and more, each story also introduces us to a range of characters who are more like you and me yet they are different, for they are more grounded and find pleasure in counting their blessings. Away from the hive of activity, these characters reside in the mountains, the mighty Himalayas, and feel connected to nature. Every story has some common themes like living in the moment and spending time in nature. I felt that reading these stories transported me to the world where humans and nature exist in harmony and are a part of Nature’s holy plan (according to Wordsworth).

Overall, I just loved this book. Several qualities made it stand out from the rest: the coloured illustrations, the crisp narrative of every story, the purpose of every story and the titles, of course! GO, BUY THIS ONE!

Best wishes to the author!

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