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Book Review: The Disappointing 5 by Bobanga

The Disappointing 5
Author: Bobanga
Publisher: Bobanga
Rating: 2/5

Just how summer is the harshest season (in some places, of course), adolescence/ teenage years are the trickiest years. The hormonal changes, mood swings, new exposure to the harsh world and the overall process of metamorphosing into responsible adults is daunting. Hence, teenagers often end up being gripped with stress and anxiety. Based on the changes the teenagers undergo and the whirlpool of problems they get trapped in, The Disappointing 5 is a story about five friends who begin their journey on a stony-paved path and go on in their quest to find a purpose in life.

The Disappointing 5 revolves around 5 protagonists- Akash, a spoiled brat who is addicted to things that provide momentary pleasure; Dhruv, a scourge in the school; Robin Alberto, the oppressed; Bindya Shah, the magnetic lady-love of all boys and Sunayna, Akash’s friend and the know-it-all! While all these friends brace themselves of the impact as their flight of fancy is soon to land, they discover secrets about their families, the society and of course, about themselves that scare the daylights out of them. Hence begins a journey filled with adventure, twists and romance! The easy narrative makes this story a quick read but the flawed language might irk the readers for sure. There are plenty of grammatical errors that have been ignored. I also didn’t quite appreciate the events in Akash’s life as they were a far cry from reality. Sunayna and Robin were relatable characters. At some point, I felt the author has overpowered certain characters and consequently, the remaining ones had been left as mere caricatures. The plot is cliched and the story is like the old wine in a new bottle. The desperate attempt to include so many turning points often leave the readers wanting for closure for the first event and that troubled me a lot!

Overall, The Disappointing 5 is an average story. One can choose this book if one has an inclination towards reading college romance or about friendship!

Best wishes to the author!

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