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Book Review: Teen Sey Chhey by Bobby Ghatak

Teen Sey Chhey
Author: Bobby Ghatak
Publisher: One Point Six Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Rating: 3/5

Every man needs to find a peak, a mountain top or a remote island of his own choosing that he reaches under his own power alone in his own good time.
— Alain Gerbault

Knowing that the Indian Film Industry holds a dominating position in the world, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every Indian finds the gossip related to the Film industry interesting. Whether it is the usual chores that the celebrities do or the news/ rumours surrounding their personal life, each and every aspect is brought forth in such a glittery way that one cannot avoid but to make the celebrities a part of their life. Bobby Ghatak’s Teen Sey Chhey is an elaborate account of the lives of the people who set the wheels of this industry rolling. It is said that every man reaches his peak once in his lifetime. From there, either he remains constant or witnesses his eventual fall. Bobby deftly puts together anecdotes from the journeys of Amitabh Bachchan, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Salim-Javed, Shahrukh Khan and several other renowned personalities who shaped Bollywood. Why do I say anecdotes? Because these chapters are not biographies. In fact, they have been written with a more nonchalant approach- calmly and casually.

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