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Book Review: Thank You, Richa! by Rima Sen

Thank You, Richa
Author: Rima Sen
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5

“Intersecting lines meet once and are separated forever. Thank god for paths that don’t intersect.”
~Thank You, Richa.

Meeting and parting are part and parcel of nature. We come across so many people in our lifetime. While some become chained to our hearts forever, some leave early gifting us a lot of lessons to learn from. Thank You, Richa is one such story where the characters are caught in the web of apprehension and unanswered questions. These characters emphasize the importance of closure and that is the central theme of this book.

The simple narrative describes the story of Kadhir, who is lovelorn yet sanguine. He is a top-notch cricketer and is happily married or so we think. In his sub-conscience, he still yearns for his first love, Richa, who is clear-headed and goal-oriented. In spite of knowing that his love is an unrequited one, he still doesn’t shy away from pursuing Richa. Eventually, when the odds don’t seem to be in his favour, he gets married and is blessed with a daughter. The story traces the aftermath of a message that Kadhir receives from Richa (on one odd day). His love is rekindled and he embarks on a journey to get some answers.

Just how simple this sounds, the story, too, is quite straightforward. The lack of twists and turns made it a little drab for me. Also, the predictability was unavoidable. I liked the flow; it was smooth. However, misplaced commas and skipping of the necessary pauses did irk me a little.

Overall, Thank You, Richa, is a comfortable one-time read that explores the need of accepting circumstances and moving on. The characters are quite well-developed but still, I couldn’t connect well with Kadhir. I liked Richa’s character. Her nature of calling a spade a spade was appreciable.

Best wishes to the author!

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