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Book Review: Connect by Mark Ebinger

Author: Mark Ebinger
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 5/5

‘A mindset is a lens we don’t think about but rather think from.’
Mark Ebinger (Connect)

Connect is not a book for passive readers. This is the very first thought that came to my mind once I had finished reading the introduction. Even the author mentions this very clearly. Based on the hypothesis that ‘we are all connected by a tangible tether of love between us’, Connect guides you through the intensive process of identifying the areas of life where you ‘stop short of fully connecting’ with yourself and with others. For all the ensurient individuals who are always on the lookout for devouring books that leave an indelible impact on the mind, Connect should be your next choice.

Divided into three parts, Connects establishes its purpose first and then goes on to elaborate on the concealed aspects of human personality. The basic question that the author repeatedly asks his readers is ‘How do we re-establish the lost connection with ourselves, others and life? Using personal anecdotes and adding a tinge of sarcastic humour, he succeeds in bringing forth the shortcomings and then highlighting on the probable solution. The author failed to connect with himself during his childhood because of his mother’s erratic behaviour. Her manic depression forced her to either be too away from her kids or restrict them within the bower preventing them from connecting with anybody. This forms the pivot around which the entire learning experience of the author revolves. The turning point in the author’s life was when he realized that he couldn’t know his sister well if she didn’t know herself. That paved path for personal development training that transformed his life forever.

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