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#Review: The Age of Ascent by Yogi Mahajan

The Age of Ascent
Author: Yogi Mahajan
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 4/5

Kundalini is the knowledge of the Mother Divine. When someone earns this knowledge, they are able to attain enlightenment through a series of mudras, deep breathing exercises, mantras and some physical movements. In The Age of Ascent, Yogi Mahajan stresses on the importance of seeking self and understanding self in order to reach a higher truth. It’s interesting to know how our chakras are in harmony with Earth’s macro chakras and when spun together, they synchronize the miniature universe of existence. As an individual, one should aim for collective consciousness. Altered states of consciousness like illusion and hallucination should be avoided.

The Age of Ascent further explores the meditative states and mudras that can help an individual attain a state of mind where the qualms about stress aren’t there anymore. This book requires reflection and peace of mind for the wisdom to be imbibed by our being. Hence, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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