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#Review: The Big Book Series

This is a must-have series in your toddler’s library because of the colours, the content and the sheer vibrance of illustrations. Four books are available in this series.⁣

🌞The Book of ABCs🌞⁣
Neatly illustrated with a plethora of objects, this big book exposes the children not only to the capital letters but also small letters. Brilliantly coloured, this makes learning fun and engaging. ⁣

🌞The Book of Counting to 100🌞⁣
This book is loaded with numbers, activities and puzzles that can stimulate the brain of children and urge them to indulge in mental math! Again, the colours and illustrations act as cherry on the cake!⁣

🌞The Book of Colours🌞⁣
This one goes by the name, truly! Spilled with colours that are uncommon and common, both, this book has colour coded pages. It’s just an absolutely beautiful book to have. ⁣

🌞The Book of First Words🌞⁣
The last one in the series, this is my total favourite. It has scenes from a common household setup and a list of objects beside the scene. Children will surely enjoy finding the objects and reveling in their victory. It reminded me of Criminal Case, which was once one of my favourite games as an adult. ⁣

Overall, The Big Book Series is a recommended collection to have!⁣

Buy these books here: ABCs | Words | Colours | Numbers

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