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Book Review: The Aravalli Princess by Arti Rai

The Aravalli Princess
Author: Arti Rai
Publisher: Blue Hill Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Ideologies are like clothes- different clothes for different people. It is not wrong to preach those ideologies to our children but it is definitely unfair to obviate them from making their own life decisions. Knowing that the control over the children’s life is temporary, most parents become unthinking conformists and turn a deaf ear to the problems their children face in life. ‘The Aravalli Princess’ is based on the same concept.

Balking at the beliefs of her father, Sukanya decides to take the reigns of her life in her hands and flees (figuratively) from her house by enrolling herself in a travel and tourism degree. Life is not easy for a person who steps out in the harsh world for the first time. But Sukanya gets lucky because of her boon companion, Ailsa Smith, who accompanies her to the Jaipur Literature Festival, thereby acting as a catalyst in her meeting with an American writer and entrepreneur. Inspired by this new man, Eric, Sukanya decides to write a novel and pave her way to success. The story traces the life of Sukanya who is spirited and believes in calling a spade a spade. She doesn’t shy away from taking a stand for herself- even if that means going against her father.

‘The Aravalli Princess’ has a strong and binding narrative. Clubbed with good vocabulary, the plot is quite different from the usual. However, more attention to the editing of the book was required. The characters of an insurgent Sukanya and a dapper Eric have been crafted well. Even Kaali Ji played a significant role in the story. The best part of this book is the climax where the author has tried to make it as palpable as possible.

However, I felt some parts of the books were not required. Those could have been easily cut down. Overall, the story subtly encourages us to follow our dreams and chase our passion. Living in the contemporary world, it is important to understand that we cannot be held back by the beliefs of others. And that is what this story explains beautifully. A more appealing cover would have done the trick.

Best wishes to the author!

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