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#Review: The Bad Cook’s Guide to Indian Cooking by Aakanksha S.

The Bad Cook’s Guide to Indian Cooking
Author: Aakanksha Sethi
Publisher: Juggernaut
Rating: 5/5

As someone who struggles in the kitchen myself, I can relate to Aakanksha Sethi’s journey as a ‘bad cook.’ Finding quick and easy recipes that yield delicious results is always a challenge. That’s why Sethi’s cookbook is such a game-changer for me. With her straightforward approach and emphasis on simplicity, I finally feel confident stepping into the kitchen knowing that I can whip up authentic Indian dishes without the fear of culinary disasters. Sethi’s cookbook has become my go-to guide for fuss-free cooking, and I’m grateful for her ingenious recipes that have transformed my cooking experience.

‘The Bad Cook’s Guide to Indian Cooking’ is a culinary gem for both novices and seasoned cooks alike. With her brilliantly illustrated flow-chart recipes, Sethi transforms even the most inexperienced cook into a kitchen maestro. From basic paneer dishes to complex biryanis, every recipe is meticulously laid out, ensuring foolproof results every time. What sets this cookbook apart is its user-friendly approach, making Indian cooking accessible to all, regardless of skill level. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Sethi’s cookbook is a must-have addition to any kitchen.

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