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#Review: Happytual by Pawan Kumar

Author: Pawan Kumar
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: ⅗

“Happytual: The Non-Pursuit of Happiness” by Pawan Kumar Mishra offers a compelling invitation to reconsider our pursuit of happiness in today’s fast-paced world. Mishra’s blend of yogic psychology and ancient wisdom promises a transformative journey towards inner fulfilment, challenging readers to shift their focus from external achievements to the discovery of inner bliss. While the book’s premise is intriguing and its presentation concise, it ultimately falls into the trap of repackaging age-old concepts without offering truly novel insights. Despite its refreshing perspective, “Happytual” may leave readers feeling like they’ve encountered old wine in a new bottle, as it treads familiar ground without breaking new intellectual or philosophical ground. While the book provides a valuable reminder to prioritise inner contentment over external validation, it may need to offer more depth or originality to stand out in a crowded genre of self-help and spiritual literature.

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