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#Review: The Big Bad Fight by Yamini Vijayan

The Big Bad Fight
Author: Yamini Vijayan
Publisher: Penguinsters

Childhood friendships, with their innocent authenticity and shared moments of joy and discovery, weave the tapestry of our formative years, imprinting an enduring imprint on our hearts and minds. In their simplicity lies a profound lesson about the essence of companionship and the power of genuine connections.

When Anna and Kichu have a fight, small gestures of care and kindness help them realize how valued their friendship is. This short story exudes warmth and love. How Anna decides to give back Kichu his lost stamp collection and how Kichu ensures that Anna receives the best gift as well, their attempt at making up and apologizing- all of it just assures the reader how beautiful friendship really is!

A must-buy!
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