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#Review: The Clammy Hands of the Dark Nights by Ratnadip Acharya

The Clammy Hands of the Dark Nights
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Publisher: Aksora Publications
Rating: 4/5

Very rarely does one get to distinguish between supernatural horror and supernatural thriller. Well, this book did that for me. Eliciting the creative ability of the mind and how the mind can devise plots that can throw you off the rockers, The Clammy Hands of the Dark Nights brings forth seven stories about bizarre supernatural encounters that eventually culminate into death, revelation, shocks and remorseful conscience. This supernatural thriller couldn’t scare me much but gave me the urge to keep turning the pages. Probably, the intention was to startle and not to scare.

Stories like The Mirage of the Bestsellers and The Jingle of the Gold Bangles vaguely connect with the idea of karma and the circle of life where every action is weighed and measured to allot the consequences one has to bear. Stories like And it All Began with a Feather offer a third-person narrative stance, something quite common in the parallel world where spirits use other beings to narrate their stories. While these stories are interesting to read and anticipate, there is a lack of tautness in the narration. Often punctuation has been compromised as well. The good part is that it doesn’t impede communication in any way.

Set in places the author holds dear, these stories depict a learned, pedantic approach to events that are seldom esoteric but mostly cryptic. Knowing that the author has tried this genre for the very first time, it would be right to say that the attempt is praiseworthy. What one looks forward to in supernatural thrillers are the moments of unpredictable twists and uncanny endings. Both these are offered in these seven stories.

All in all, this anthology of sorts is a skilled sampling of spiritual and emotional motifs that garnish the plots efficiently.

Best wishes to the author!

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