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Book Review: The Curious Case of the Boarding School by Mahnaz Mir

The Curious Case of the Boarding School
Mahanaz Mir
Rupa Publications
Rating: 3

When children are sent to the boarding school, they become more independent and lead a life on their own terms. Even though the rules and regulations bind them a little, the choices experience freedom, for the parents are not there to keep an eye on them. That’s why they say that the best friends are found in the hostel. The Curious Case of the Boarding School is a story of a young boy, Sameer, who struggles to come to grips with the new reality- his life in Kingston High Boarding School.

After an elaborate affair of trying to make a mark, Sameer, somehow, manages to rise to the occasion and prove his mettle before his mates. But the whole blockbuster show is a nine-day-wonder, for soon after, an incident in the school leaves everyone startled. A boy goes missing and the scattered pieces of the puzzle leave the police and the people in the authority deeply perplexed. That’s when Sameer decides to don the hat of a detective and piece the parts of the puzzle together.

This is an interesting take on boarding school stories. The narrative is simple but slow. There is hardly any play with words; everything is so simple and straight forward. I found the initial part of the story a little monotonous as it didn’t cater to my interest (I presume). It is well-suited for teenagers who are going through that phase of life. For adults, I think this story might come across as drab and uneventful. The part, where the action and suspense reach the peak, is fabulous. It is light and predictable yet enjoyable.

Best wishes to the author!

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