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Book Review: Love Alive by Rijuta Gupta

Love Alive
Rijuta Gupta
Redgrab Books Pvt. Ltd.
Rating: 3

A woman’s silence shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is like a roar that echoes through the empty hearts of those who feel their words are enough to make their heart content. Love Alive is a story of Udita who makes her way through the shackles of life. As life throws a curveball in her path, she doesn’t give up that easily. Instead, she gives her life a second chance and starts afresh. But life is all about those roadblocks that reduce your speed and offers breaks. And that’s what happens in her life too.

Love Alive is a decent story about Udita, whose love life makes her contemplate her life decisions because of one wrong relationship. When she meets Nipun, a new friend, she falls in love with his chivalry and kindness. Eventually, she decides to give herself a second chance and marries him. Upon the birth of her twin daughters, she is put in a tight spot when her diabolical past comes back to haunt her present. As the story progresses, we get to know how women, the ones who are betrayed in love, often find it difficult to come to grips with reality and move on. When they do, the invisible boundaries of society prevent them from moving on. Caught in the whirlpool of lies, mistrust, love and decisions, Udita exemplifies the idea of a strong woman. Love Alive has an ambiguous title and that made it a little difficult for me to relate the title with the story but the plot was new and executed right. The dialogues are repetitive and that adds to the monotony a bit. For every event, several dialogues were used to convey the same message. I liked Udita and Priya. They were relatable and finely detailed.

Overall, Love Alive is a light romantic read that can be given a try.

Best wishes to the author!

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