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Book Review: The Day My Brother Became My Best Friend by Raisha Lalwani

The Day My Brother Became My Best Friend
Author: Raisha Lalwani
Publisher: Rupa Publication

A neatly illustrated book, The Day My Brother Became My Best Friend is well-suited for the likes of young children who are about to become an elder brother or sister. Using poetry as the medium to convey the emotion, this book highlights the plethora of emotions that rule a child’s mind. Right from feeling ecstatic upon hearing the news, becoming curious with every passing day, developing the protective instinct to losing the privilege of being the only child and developing jealousy as the baby takes away most of the time and attention of the parents, this book traces the journey from being a stranger to becoming best friends.

I liked the slow progression of emotions. As Ben realizes that he is expected to become more responsible, his expressions do complete justice to the transformation. There are times when I felt bad for Ben, especially when grannie and grandpa divert his attention to the old games he used to play. He knows, he understands. Yet his silence is the answer as the young child patiently waits for the right time. The verses are beautiful and use a very simple language. Kudos to the artist for all the beautiful illustrations that make the character of Ben come alive. Another good thing about this book is the Activity Book that comes with it. Such an interesting combination for kids!

Best wishes to the author!

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