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Book Review: The Diary of My Love by

The Diary of My Love
Author: Deesha Sangani
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

Journaling has been found to be therapeutic for people. It helps them save all the memories, good and bad, within the pages that remain under the wraps and one has a good chance to bury them deep in one’s heart. Often when we come across the term ‘diary entry’, it makes us think about the young love tales that might have found their place in the diary. Well, that’s not true because people have all sorts of issues and journaling doesn’t limit one to write only about love! ‘The Diary of My Love’ follows a similar premise wherein the protagonist, Anushkaa, forages life for love. When she meets Ayush, love clicks and then begins a new game of pitch and toss.

The Diary of My Love is a story about lost love. It aims to inspire readers and urge them to move on leaving behind the baggage that stops them from living their life to the fullest. It also aims to highlight the importance of words and journaling. Sadly, the author fails to accomplish the second motive. The story pans around the lives of Anushkaa, who is smart yet oblivious, and Ayush, who is troubled and vulnerable. Even though these characters embark on a different journey, they become star-crossed in their own ways. That forms the pivot of the plot. What disappointed me was the flat narrative. It is often imperative to add variety to the sentence structure so that the prose comes to life and has a rhythm. I found that missing in this book. Even though the cover drew me towards buying this book, the outcome could not pass the muster. There were several grammatical errors and that further didn’t help me get ‘hooked to the book’. I found the title misleading too. There was hardly any journaling that happened during the course of the story!

The story had a big twist that caught me unawares and I liked that part. But again, the redundant dialogues and lacklustre conversation between characters was a turn-off. Overall, this book might be liked by the first-time readers, for the language is quite simple and straight-forward.

Best wishes to the author!

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