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#Review: The District Cup by Mallika Ravikumar

The District Cup
Author: Mallika Ravikumar
Publisher: Penguinsters

It’s often disappointing to see how most of the Indian fanbase supports cricket as their choice of sport. Even if they like another sport, Cricket is God for them and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they were told about the raging success of another sport. Football is one such underrated sport in our country that struggles to gather a decent number of spectators even while the player put their heart and soul into the game. The District Cup, very subtly, mocks the current state of affairs revolving around this sport. A team, their hardships, political agendas, societal stereotyping, unwarranted boundaries and a burning desire of becoming successful- all these motifs form the wholesome plot of The District Cup.

The story revolves around several round characters like Prithvi, Kadambini and other excellent players of The Eagles. It’s ironic to read about how clear the goals of this team are, just like an eagle, yet the obstacles in their way push them hard on the ground in several instances. This story about their resilience, their willpower and their indomitable spirit is really something! While their heart screams football every time they are stopped by their family or society, their mind gives them the strength to go on. Richly laced with metaphors and onomatopoeias, this comprehensible narrative is enjoyable. The young readers will surely enjoy (and relate) to the incidents that are common to a regular school-goer. The sudden dropouts, unexplained missing in action, last-minute cancellation of matches, etc. are all interesting to read about.

Overall, The District Cup is a delectable piece of writing. Go for it!

Best wishes to the author!

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