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#Review: The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years by Jennifer M.

The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years
Author: Shubnam Khan
Publisher: Harper Collins
Rating: 4.5/5

“The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years” by Shubnam Khan intricately weaves together themes of love, loss, and longing against the backdrop of Akbar Manzil, a once-grand mansion overlooking Durban’s coast. The narrative alternates between the lives of Meena, who fell in love with the mansion’s owner in its heyday, and Sana, a teenage girl drawn to the ruins decades later.

Khan’s prose is hauntingly beautiful, evoking a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era while immersing the reader in the enigmatic atmosphere of Akbar Manzil. Through Meena’s story, we witness the splendour of the mansion’s past and the tragedy that befell its inhabitants. Meanwhile, Sana’s journey of discovery unveils layers of secrets buried within the crumbling walls, ultimately connecting her fate with Meena’s in unexpected ways.

The presence of the grieving djinn adds an element of mystique and suspense to the narrative, heightening the sense of foreboding as past and present intertwine. As Sana delves deeper into the history of Akbar Manzil, she grapples with her own identity and sense of belonging, echoing Meena’s struggles from decades earlier.

Khan skillfully crafts a multi-layered plot that keeps readers engaged until the final page, seamlessly blending elements of mystery, romance, and supernatural intrigue. The characters are richly drawn, each with their desires, fears, and secrets, making them both relatable and compelling.

Overall, “The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years” is a captivating tale that transcends time and space, leaving a lasting impression on readers with its poignant exploration of love, loss, and the search for identity amidst the ruins of the past.

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