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Book Review: The Elephant at the Dinner Table by Amit Nagpal

The Elephant at the Dinner Table
Author: Amit Nagpal
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

Self-help books that guide people in their journey to success are much in demand these days. Just before beginning The Elephant at the Dinner Table, I had finished reading The Authenticity Code and what I realized was that the two books had a similar scaffold but a very different approach. The Elephant at the Dinner Table uses a metaphorical idiom (elephant in the room) as its title and that probably is the USP of the book. It throws light on one of the most important issues that forms the pivot of everyone’s life- success. The ideal mantra to achieve success is not taught but learnt through experiences, mistakes and failures. The Elephant at the Dinner Table is addressed by the author by means of a few short incidents from his own life and a collation of 33 real-life short stories that form a strong scaffold for the overall theme.

The Elephant at the Dinner Table acts as a guide for everyone who seeks guidance and support in life. The experience of the author as a coach and his rendezvous with several leaders from around the globe help him decipher the true path to success. Highlighting the importance of making mistakes and not hesitating to look out for an adept mentor, the author encourages the readers to develop mutual respect and gratitude as these two qualities play an imperative role in shaping one’s personality. With great power comes great responsibility. Hence, to become a great leader, experimentation and the ability to appreciate the contribution of others are equally important. Written meticulously after diligent research, years of data collection and loaded with convincing statistical data, The Elephant at the Dinner Table is interesting and pragmatic.

Overall, this book might prove quite useful for each individual who is a victim of an inferiority complex or has an unfathomable fear of the future!

Best wishes to the author!

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