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Book Review: The Authenticity Code by Dr Sharon Lamm-Hartman

The Authenticity Code
Author: Dr Sharon Lamm-Hartman
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
Rating: 4/5

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda (John C. Maxwell). While the world is busy catching up in the rat race of life, it is not surprising to know that several people are venturing out in search of life coaches who provide valuable guidance and support when people are feeling down in the dumps. Dr Sharon’s The Authenticity Code is a self-help book that introduces us to the Authenticity program that promises to help people learn about their real personalities and then utilize the four Cs to ace the game of success.

The Authenticity Code focuses on Connect, Convey, Convince and Complete. The program highlights the importance of communicating effectively and expressing your thoughts effectively before the target audience. The author mentions how important it is to understand the difference between what needs to be communicated and how one decides to convey the same to the audience. Effective presentation skills can change the course of life and that’s what the author advocates in this book. The book tells the story of fictional characters, Rachel and Ron, who help the readers understand the concealed factors that hide the real talent of people. Loaded with a lot of activities and self-testing quizzes, The Authenticity Code is practical and helpful. It might be similar to other self-help books and the terminologies might seem like the only different thing yet the layout and organization are nice and makes it easier to follow what the author plans to convey!

Overall, The Authenticity Code is worth a try. It’s a full-fledged program that can be enrolled into if one wishes to get coached by the experts.

Best wishes to the author!

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