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Book Review: The Globetrotter by Arefa Tehsin

The Globetrotter
Author: Arefa Tehsin
Genre: Children’s book
Publishers: Puffin Publishers

Area A: Text
‘The Globetrotter’ narrates the story of Hudhud and his quest to find answers to some unknown questions. Hudhud is a domineering child who bulldozes everyone into doing things that they don’t like. In simpler terms, he bullies all around him. He is insolent and disrespectful towards his elders. Just when he thinks there is no one who can exercise power over him, God drops a bombshell in form of his new history teacher. She, after being subjected to Hudhud’s foolery, curses him. The rest of the story is about that child’s battle against his hallucinating mind. The story illustrates the truth that talent, however strange it may be, makes us who we are. We should not undermine others based on their outlook. Hudhud not only learns his lesson but also learns to appreciate the beauty that is hidden behind the façade of vulnerability. The font and typesetting are finely done. However, considering that this is a children’s book, the vocabulary is quite advanced. Such level of new words is definitely good for the kids but might not interest them owing to the complexities (hurdles in the process of reading).

Area B: Illustrations
The illustrations form the key feature of the book. Kudos to the artist who has presented such immaculate pictures. The free-hand drawings act as an icing on the cake.

Area C: Characterization
The main character of the story is Hudhud who is quite mature for his age. He is sensible but does not do practical actions. His personality is relatable because, at such a tender age, children tend to wander in a world of their own. They tend to misuse their abilities as they lack the prowess to distinguish between the right and the wrong. There are things that they believe are right but it takes a lot of time and experience to make them understand.
Though this story is fictitious, yet the essence is meaningful.

Overall, the book is a treasure trove of a lot of knowledge- right from scientific facts to the moral lessons that form the scaffold of life. A must-buy if your child has a keen inclination towards new words!

Best wishes to the author!

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