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Book Review: The Golden Bird 2.0 by Raina S. Jain

The Golden Bird 2.0
Author: Raina Singhwi Jain
Publisher: Veer Publishing House
Rating: 4/5

India is a land of diverse cultures, varied landscapes and heritage so abound with emotions and values. That’s the reason why it was called ‘The Golden Bird’ by the Britishers. Even though India has fought ita way out of slavery and underdevelopment, there is still a lot to accomplish and achieve. Immaculately edited and organized The Golden Bird 2.0 is a peep into the history and an honest prediction of the future of our country. Well-researched and well-expressed, this book is not only informative but also busts many myths associated with the two nations- India and China.

While the very first chapter describes how Indian economy was exploited by the intruders, the second chapter neatly brings forth the details about the Chinese economy. Each chapter focuses on one issue at hand and then goes on to explore the facts that make us realize that India is not far behind in anything. Walking shoulder to shoulder with most of the nations of the world, India knows how to pave its path for success. The author praises the emphasis given on education and entrepreneurship by China and thus, highlights the skills that have enhanced their overall position in the world. Using deftly drafted charts, timelines, graphs and comparison flowcharts, it becomes quite interesting to read about how different yet similar both the nations are.

The message from the author is strong and need of the hour too. It is imperative for all of us to realize our strengths and come together in the making of a great nation. Dwelling on what happened in the past or undermining our ability to achieve something won’t help us in any way. Hence, this book would act as a catalyst in the process of development.

Best wishes to the author!

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