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Book Review: Rhythm Roger by Himanshu Rai

Rhythm Roger
Author: Himanshu Rai
Publisher: Invincible Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Most of the Indian authors consider the sci-fi genre as an unchartered territory and thus, they refrain from exploring the unguarded waters. But kudos to Himanshu Rai for introducing us to Rhythm who is on a quest to save the world. Mind you, he is not fighting for our world but his world that goes by the name of Electon. Blending science fiction with adventure and thrill, the author does a wonderful job in laying the setting that has the calibre to transport the readers to a parallel universe.

Simple narrative, praiseworthy editing and enticing plot- all these together made me like this book a lot. The font and typesetting are so perfect! With well-crafted characters that not only appear realistic but also have a pragmatic approach to the problems, this story keeps you hooked till the very end. Even though the plot has the elements of Bollywood drama, the storyline backed by correct logics worked well for me. While Rhythm thinks that his discoveries and inventions will help the world reach new heights, he is unaware of a parallel universe that relies on his strength to get back its freedom. When Rhythm gets to know the truth about his origin, he embarks on a journey that promises risks, dangers and thrill.

The real struggle with writing science fiction is blending the presence of the human character in the two dimensions. The author deftly does that here. He has a female villain, Analog, who complements Rhythm in the best possible way. The imagery associated with the fight sequences is brilliant. The only point where the book lacked was the narrative; it is too simple. Also, the drama and the inclusion of lighter moments didn’t quite work for me.

Overall, I have enjoyed a sci-fi after a long, long time! Buy this book and you won’t regret it.

Best wishes to the author!

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