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Book Review: The Little Buddha by Claus Mikosch

The Little Buddha
Author: Claus Mikosch
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4.5/5

Life has its own share of complexities that might upset you often. The tougher task is to look at the brighter side and enjoy every moment spent. ‘The Little Buddha’ is not a book but a treasure trove of experiences in the form of stories. One day when little Buddha gets tired of sitting under the bodhi tree, he decides to venture into the different places where different kinds of people dwell. Gathering a lot of learning from their stories, the little Buddha learns that life is made up of small moments of happiness.

With each story reminding us of our being and at the same time urging us to look beyond the façade of the obvious, ‘The Little Buddha’ unveils some of the common truths like friends are for life, it is love that makes you richer and not money, the first step needs a lot of audacity, face every new situation with an open mind and many more. How beautifully the words bring out the learning!

Although this is a very short read, it is inspiring. We already know the modern truths of life, but in the race against time, we often forget to pay heed to them. The little Buddha in the story, the common character, is every other human being who faces problems in life and searches for a solution.

Overall, this book is a simple read and can find a place on your bookshelf for those light reading days!

Best wishes to the author!

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