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Book Review: A Bend in the River of Life by Marianne De Nazareth

A Bend in the River of Life
Author: Marianne De Nazareth
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Fate is not an eagle; it creeps like a rat.
~Elizabeth Bowen

Life happens to us when we are busy making plans while looking at the world with rose-tinted glasses. ‘A Bend in the River of Life’ is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice, strength and courage. A family of four faces the wrath of destiny when the parents, who are broad-minded and very open to the changes, are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. With a succinct plot and absorbing narrative, the author traces the path of an ailment and explores the plethora of problems that come along the way.

Sabrina and Samara, the sister protagonists, are chips off the old block; they are strong, spirited and strong-willed. They look up to their father because of his inspiring qualities. His love for the two daughters and the mother is unconditional. But watching their father succumb to the dreadful clutches of Parkinson’s disease is something that changes the daughters forever. Even during the vulnerability, their father hangs on to life with fingernails and his indomitable will becomes evident. But fate has its way of doing things.

This is not a sad story that only motivates us. It peels off the layers that hide the real trauma associated with diseases. Not only the patient but also the family suffers a lot. What is important is the spirit to keep fighting till the last breath.

The font of the book is something that fails to pass the muster. There are a few printing errors which might have been overlooked. Nevertheless, this story is a story of hope. It teaches us to look for the silver lining in a dark cloud and keep going!

Best wishes to the author!

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  • Marianne Nazareth

    Thanks for the review which evoked the exact response that was expected by me as the author.

  • CP

    Interesting read that inculcates values of family love and relationships and provides first hand experience of living with Parkinson’s.

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