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Book Review: The Name She Gave Me by Betty Culley

The Name She Gave Me
Author: Betty Culley
Publisher: HarperTeen (Harper Collins)
Rating: 5/5

I was so overwhelmed after finishing The Name She Gave Me because of its tone, its purpose and its execution. It moved me. The narrative poetry should have been a quick read but I took time because Rynn’s story inspires and evokes sympathy at the same time. The story traces the life of an adopted girl, Rynn, who tries tooth and nail to find more about her birth family because she is unable to mend the weak threads that hold her foster family together. As she continues her search, several revelations change her completely. She realizes the importance of blood relations and yearns for her own family to be back together. She yearns for the warmth and the security that one feels at home.

Written with absolutely pure emotions, The Name She Gave Me revolves around the title itself as the quest to find more about her birth begins with the name (the only thing) that Rynn got from her birth mother. Narrative poetry is a genre I prefer because of its genuity and metered verses. I call this work a brilliant work of fiction. The author has shared a bit about her own self and how she identifies herself with Rynn too. That, perhaps, made me a part of Rynn’s world too. Loved this book!

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