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#Review: The Summer of Bitter and Sweet by Jen Ferguson

The Summer of Bitter and Sweet
Author: Jen Ferguson
Publisher: Heartdrum

This young adult novel, The Summer of Bitter and Sweet, brings along the story of Lou and her struggles in life. With her mother gone and amidst her turbulent love life, Lou struggles to come to grips with the fact that things will sort out in the end. Touching upon the strenuous lives that indigenous women/girls lead, the author, through Lou, brings forth the constant anxiety that resides in the mind of the young. Lou is brave but elusive. She finds her family gatherings fun but owing to the constant bickering by her uncles, her heart and mind switch off quite often.

I found the narrative a little verbose yet I cannot deny that this is a thoughtful and contemplative work of fiction. The characters are intelligent and there’s a satisfying romance to spice up the reading journey. It’s a pleasure to identify the sweeter moments amidst the incessant chaos and disorder. Lou’s moments of subtle happiness are relatable and her moments of breakdown often make you think about her plight.

Overall, The Summer of Bitter and Sweet is a comforting read.

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