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Book Review: The Night and the Land by Matt Spencer

The Night and the Land
Author: Matt Spencer
Publisher: Back Roads Carnival Books
Rating: 4/5

It seems like the main objective of Matt Spencer’s book ‘The Night and the Land’ is to prove the adage- Actions speak louder than words- right. This first part of the Deschembine trilogy definitely has the potential to keep the readers hooked to their seats with its explosive action scenes and taut plot. The story is set in the magical realms that go against each other at hammer and tongs.

‘The Night and the Land’ is about Sally Wildfire, who has escaped her relentless and flawed family, and Rob Coscan, a young man who is baffled by his discovery of unheard voices and incomprehensible sensations. When these two star-crossed lovers meet, love is ignited. Together with love, hate, envy and a plethora of problems make way into their lives. What is interesting in this book is the layered writing and the slow revelation of details. Though I admit that the initial few chapters didn’t quite make any sense to me, I cannot say that I felt the need to put the book away at any point. The urge and the excitement to know more kept me flipping the pages. Rob’s unusual journey on the path of self-discovery is what kept me going. The protagonists try very had to cut the Gordian knot but the odds are not quite in their favour. What results is complete pandemonium. There is blood and gore to an extent that only the brave can digest. The scenes are laden with murders and the stench of the decaying corpses often makes way into your nose.

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