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Book Review: How to Make Profit in Share Market by Mahesh Kaushik

How to Make Profit in Share Market
Author: Mahesh Chandra Kaushik
Publisher: Prabhat Books
Rating: 3/5

Come lockdown and everyone has started learning something new, for time is plenty and boredom doesn’t leave your back. Share market is a booming industry that is gathering much notice during this period and people are looking for resources that can educate them about the terminologies and the methodologies that help in the smooth understanding of the Share market and stock analysis.

How to Make Profit in Share Market is a self-help guide that is well-suited for the beginners because it explains the nitty-gritty of Share market using simple language and plenty of examples. It comprises the strategies which can help in learning and analysing the process. However, the strategies mentioned are quite common ones. There are several others that could have been included in the book. The methods to analyse the stock market are also limited. The ones that the author mentions are RSI and 200 DMA. I think Swing Trade, William %R, RoC, K-Bar etc. should have been a part of the book. Also, the analysis of various graphs like candlestick is imperative for beginners. Hence, that too should have been included.

The language is easy and the examples help in better understanding. This book is a good option if you plan on using it as resource material. Obviously, you cannot completely rely on it, for there is so much more to Share Market on the whole.

Best wishes to the author!

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