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Book Review: The Oracle of Karuthupuzha by Manu Bhattathiri

The Oracle of Karuthupuzha
Author: Manu Bhattathiri
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 4/5

Set in a magical village of Karuthupuzha, The Oracle of Karuthupuzha revolves around Sarasu and her father, Nareshan. Until Sarasu is possessed by Chaathan one day, Nareshan burns the midnight oil thinking about various ways in which he can earn enough money to sustain his family. Once the demon-god has her grip over Sarasu, a debate between faith and blind-belief ensues and caught in the whirlpool of misplaced notions and borrowed ideas is Sarasu, a young girl who aspires to fly with the clouds.

Using subtle irony and satire, the author brilliantly mocks the happenstance that invited both the supporters and the naysayers to this town. It is interesting to read how Sarasu copes with all this and even more interesting to read how Nareshan grabs the opportunity by its horns and makes a conscious effort to earn more. Sarasu, on the other hand, becomes the oracle of Karuthupuzha! Filled with genuine moments of laughter and sincere circumstances, this story is sure to win your heart with its well-paced narrative and easy flow. It will remind you of the world of malgudi that was untouched by the Western world. Karuthupuzha, too, is a fascinating town filled with contradictions: wisdom and ignorance; poverty and sweet pleasures; logic and absurdity!

Overall, this is an enjoyable read!

Best wishes to the author!

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