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Book Review: Don’t Fall Through the Cracks by Sid Sanghvi

Don’t Fall Through Cracks
Sid Sanghvi
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3

The Indian Education System is flawed and it is a bleak reality from which no one can shy away. When we were in school, we did question the content being taught to us but those questions never made it past our lips! Now, students have started questioning the authorities. The pandemic brought about a great technological revolution and that served as the last nail in the coffin for the students, for they found it/ are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the voluminous syllabus that actually doesn’t teach them any practical life skills!

Don’t Fall Through Cracks is a straightforward account of how a student struggles to cross the hurdle of the Indian Education System thereby landing on a pedestal from where the real success still seems very far! Sid Sanghvi beautifully structures the book by first introducing the readers to the problem and then providing alternatives that promise better education. Be it the Flipped methodology or the 5Cs, several educators all across the globe are readily experimenting with the child-friendly learning policy. Yet, the deep-rooted radical principles of forcing the children to go through a rigorous process of education are what act as a roadblock. Hence, the author deftly encourages the readers to look out for more efficient methods like that adopted by Montessori, Finland, the experimental and experiential learning by Sugata Mitra and many more! However, I did feel that the book lacked the mention of schools and educators who are doing their bit to bring about a change and that has been happening for years now. Being an educator myself, I can vouch for the genuine effort the people are making to ensure that learning is not only enriching but fun as well.

Overall, this narrative is humorous yet provides a reality check! Simple, and well-researched, this book is worth a try for sure.

Best wishes to the author!

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