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Book Review: The Piano by Nandita Basu

The Piano
Author: Nandita Basu
Publisher: Duckbill Books

It is often observed that those who like solitude find solace in music or art. The story in The Piano also celebrates the importance of art and music in our life. Tracing the life of a young girl who yearns for a friend who understands her and doesn’t question her, this story is sure to make way into your heart.

The Piano is spread across various countries, various historical events and also various circumstances. Amidst the joy and sorrow, a piano travels from person to person until it finds its true owner. Once in the right place, the combination of the young girl and her piano clicks well. But all good things come to an end one day.

This is a graphic storybook and the illustrations add to the nostalgia. I missed those days when comic books were more readily available. The story stresses on friendship. It is not compulsory to have a living person as a friend. Sometimes even inanimate objects make a place in your heart. Their company can fill the abyss and enable you to cherish every moment spent together.

Overall, The Piano is a good read for the children. The language is simple and the author has deftly transported the characters from one location/ event to another without delving deeper into the situations. Crisp and precise, the plot is intriguing. Go for this lovely book. Kids are going to like it.

Best wishes to the author!

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