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Book Review: Polar Bear and the UFO by Cynthia C Huijgens

Polar Bear and the UFO
Author: Cynthia C Huijgens
Publisher: Idle Time Press

Polar bears are one of the most adorable creatures (on the outside, of course) for the children. Knowing that polar bears cannot be seen very often, it comes as a pleasant surprise that this book tells the story of a polar bear who is hungry and that’s why sleep eludes her.

It is funny how interesting stories can become when supernatural or uncanny elements are added to the plot. In this case, it is the UFO that will catch children’s attention. The polar bear interacts with the species in the UFO and an adventure ensues. Packed with Onomatopoeic expressions and enticing illustrations, this book is so lovely to read. With colours evoking a myriad of emotions, this story will definitely appeal to the young heart.

To find out if the polar bear’s hunger was satiated eventually, read this book now!

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