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Book Review: The Sage’s Secret by Abhinav

The Sage’s Secret
Author: Abhinav
Publisher: Penguin Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

The natural law of the world states that malicious people, who go out of their way to hurt others, end up being alone and broke. We call this Karma. It is the need of the hour that we realize our mistake as humans before it is too late. Even today debates on how to reimburse the damage that we have caused to our planet are doing rounds. But all solutions end up in a conflict. Activists are adopting various methods to make people aware of the consequences. One such means of awareness is books. Merging mythology with contemporary fiction, Abhinav does justice with ‘The Sage’s Secret’. He illustrates the sublime truth that every action has an equal and opposite reaction by using characters that are well structured and intense.

With an objective atmosphere, ‘The Sage’s Secret’ is the first part of the trilogy. The story dates back to Dwaparyug– when Lord Krishna was born. Krishna prophesized that his tenth avatar (Kalki) will be sent to restore the balance between the good and the evil when the time is right. Using Anirudh’s character as a host for Kalki, the author describes the struggle of the protagonist with his new identity. Dangling between the choices and decisions, Anirudh’s dramatic journey is sure to inspire the readers. However, too many themes and abundant monologues may make the readers lose the plot. Nevertheless, the author’s prowess lies in replicating the current issues and highlighting them using literary devices like personification (Bhoomidevi for an instance).

Since the copy that I received was ‘uncorrected’ copy, it would be wrong to judge the content based on the grammar. But one thing that I can point out is that the story needs editing. Reading between the lines, I failed to associate with Anirudh. In fact, I found the characterization of Kalanayana more impressive. The story has genuine moments of exclamation and inquisition. But I still hoped for more drama and dialogues.

The plotting is strategic and the pace is comfortable. Vocabulary is good and language is easy! All in all this story is a wholesome package of mythology, fiction, suspense and an unanticipated climax.

Best Wishes to the author!

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