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#Review: The Sweet Shop Wars by Chatura Rao

The Sweet Shop Wars
Author: Chatura Rao
Publisher: Penguinsters

This lovely book belongs to the Hook Book Series and I must say that the story is sure to warm your heart. Two small girls extend a hand of friendship amidst rivalry and that forms the key theme of the plot. Firoza loves her dadu’s sweet shop. Even more so, she adores her dadu who makes amazing pedas. But her magical world of sweets is faced with a challenge when Latif Bhai, along with Aasma, open another sweet shop that basically distracts all the customers like how honey attracts the flies. This puts Firoza in a quandary and she tries all her might to save her dadu’s shop.

In the process of fighting wars by giving cold stares and imitating snobbish adults, the two girls find a common interest in sweets and the invisible boundary of anger and jealousy is dissolved just like that. The adults, too, learn the value of their words and the importance of helping the other in need.

A recommended series for sure!

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