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#Review: A Birthday Present for Aaji by Parinita Shetty

A Birthday Present for Aaji
Author: Parinita Shetty
Publisher: Penguinsters

A child’s mind is a maze of wonderful thoughts and ideas. We get a glimpse of one such maze in Jyoti’s mind that is busy crafting details about how to plan the best birthday present for her beloved aaji. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to asking the people whom aaji works with about their suggestions. Eventually, she has her light bulb moment and gifts aaji something that the latter adores.

This hook book is bound to keep the young readers hooked because of its fast-paced narrative, colourful illustrations and amiable characters. Jyoti is an inquisitive and brainy child who respects all opinions but finally does what her heart and mind tell her to do. The taut narrative shall keep the readers hooked. An interesting feature of the writing is the use of idioms like blowing away the cobwebs, which doesn’t necessarily have a figurative meaning yet can be used to introduce vocabulary at a higher level.

A recommended series for sure!

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