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Book Review: The Ulysses Pact by Karthik C.

The Ulysses Pact
Author: Karthik C.
Publisher: Red Grab Books
Rating: 3/5

Having watched Squid Games on Netflix, The Ulysses Pact bears an uncanny semblance with the former. There is an unethical game being played. There are pawns, there is money and there is betrayal. Life is at stake yet the diabolical past forces the participants to go on. Nevertheless, the fast-paced story of The Ulysses Pact is gripping right from the first page.

The Ulysses Pact begins with an audacious psychiatrist who ventures into a deadly game by using five of his patients as pawns and sends them down a primrose path. Written in the first-person narrative, this story highlights the greed and the madness with which one can push others into the valley for their own desire and preposterous motives. The writing is crisp and vocabulary drool-worthy. However, the font and typesetting are a total turn-off. The characters appear like mere caricatures and fail to establish a proper connection with the readers.

Overall, The Ulysses Pact is a quick read that won’t let you take a pause before you finish it in one go.

Best wishes to the author!

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