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Book Review: The Unsolved Case of an Indian Woman by Puneeth JH

The Unsolved Case of an Indian Woman
Author: Puneeth JH
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3/5

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― William Faulkner

Often doing things greater than oneself involve a lot of risks. Giving back to society is not an easy task, for one needs to take a leap of faith at the cost of one’s life or maybe more. ‘An Unsolved Case of an Indian Woman’ is a multifaceted story that deals with a variety of issues that are prevalent in society. Right from lack of affection to physical and mental abuse during childhood, the story highlights the impact the diabolical past can have on the mind of an individual.

The story pans around the lives of three major characters- Sneha, Meenu and Ms Tandel. Belonging to different age groups, each character is caught in a whirlpool of problems in her life. The twist in the wind comes when the paths of these three characters collide. The music is then faced and the outcome has the calibre to knock the readers off their rockers. The story begins when Ms Tandel receives a death threat. Ms Tandel forms the pivot of the story. She is a lawyer who believes in giving back to society by fetching justice for all the ones who have been wronged. With many characters in the story, the story progresses quite fast. The author deftly weaves an interesting tale that addresses the severity of mental health issues well. The main characters are strong but there are too many to keep a count. Hence, I found myself flipping the pages to recall who was who! It is imperative to make fiction believable and that the author does with prowess. His characters have their share of woes and weal and thus, they successfully become a part of our lives soon.

I missed the flowy language. Often the dialogues felt verbose. I also feel that the number of characters could have been reduced. Overall, The Unsolved Case of an Indian Woman is a good thriller. The unanticipated climax won me over and that’s the reason I recommend this book.

Best wishes to the author!

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