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Book Review: Three Nights and Four Days by Shilpa Jain

Three Nights and Four Days
Author: Shilpa Jain
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3.5/5

Romantic comedy is one genre that never fails to lift my mood. Three Nights and Four Days is a romantic comedy that resembles ‘Blended’ in many ways. The plot is simple yet the small details and those cosy elements of love bring a smile on your face. Based on the complexity of adult relationships and the effect some decisions can have on the social well-being of children, this story has a lot many characters who soon become a part of your life.

An adventure ensues when Pari and Tisha, two young school-going girls, conspire to make sure their individual plans come to fruition. While Pari wishes her mother, Sara, to get back with her ex-father, Tisha wishes to unite her father, Anil, with Pari’s mother, Sara. Amidst this, the adults struggle to decide between burying the hatchet and jumping the bandwagon. Just like how things progress in the movie ‘Blended’, here too, the love story progresses. There are genuinely funny moments and the conversations are quite interesting to read as well. However, there is nothing new to devour. The story is cliched. The narrative is flat and often I found the descriptions verbose.

Nevertheless, it is a quick and light read that can be picked up on any weekend. I enjoyed reading this genre after a long time.

Best wishes to the author!

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