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Book Review: Tribin and the Battle Axe by Abhijit Chaki

Tribin and the Battle Axe
Author: Abhijit Chaki
Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing
Rating: 4/5

‘What happens when the Unstoppable meets the Immovable?’ Well, the search for this answer led me to read Tribin and the Battle Axe. Calling this romantic fiction would be partially correct because of the tone and plotline of the story. Deftly using his silver-tongued narrative, the author has laced this story with metaphors and likeable one-liners that often find a place in movies. What struck the right chord with my reading buds was the metaphorical title. I couldn’t wait to decipher who the battle axe was! Blimey! Sayali, the protagonist, truly defined the purpose behind naming her battle axe. I loved her character owing to her strong and determined personality. It was interesting to read about her journey of introspection and her triumph over the fears of her past!

Tribin and the Battle Axe is a story about a badminton player who lacks the confidence to face the bigger battle. Sayali is an ace player; however, her real skill is still to be honed, for she didn’t quite have any support during her initial years of practice. An overbearing father, who constantly dampened Sayali’s hopes of doing (or becoming) better, looms like a dark cloud in Sayali’s mind. And then, she meets Tribin. Outspoken, somewhat avoidant yet smart with his plan of action, Tribin enters Sayali’s life like a storm. He convinces her to give her best shot, helps her get coached by Sethu and kindles hope in her scarred heart. Does love blossom? Yes, of course. But Tribin has other plans, some of which are quite predictable and end up making this story a Bollywood rom-com look-alike. That’s where it loses points. Yet, what kept me hooked was the play with words! They breathed life into the characters.

Tribin and the Battle Axe is characterized by eccentric characters and highlights the power of hope and will. It would be just right to quote Rudyard Kipling’s If here:

And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

Overall, Tribin and the Battle Axe is an interesting book. I compliment the author for the title and the creative freedom used in the narrative. However, another round of proofreading will definitely help. Go for this book if you’re looking for a mushy yet mature love story.

Best wishes to the author!

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